Carl has led a difficult and not always upstanding life

Excerpt: "[Carl] always had enough money to get by, though his source of income…"

Lucky has never been as happy as he is with Miss Ophelia

Excerpt: "Ever since [Lucky] woke up in the hospital, life has been…"

Dr. Lamar thrives on sharing his love of science with others

Excerpt: "[Dr. Lamar] carries the hippie spirit of…"

Quinn doesn't understand why more people don't marry for money. And love.

Excerpt: "[Quinn] tolerates a lot being married to Vince. Yes, she loves him, but…"

From the beginning Becky has been smitten with David, quirks and all

Excerpt: "[Becky has] always been super supportive of David but realizes that he…"

Vince has a big personality that can be challenging in large doses

Excerpt: "Even though he’s married, [Vince] shamelessly…"

Even with all of his intelligence, David has never figured out how to make friends

Excerpt: "His neighbors may call him paranoid, but [David] considers himself…"

Lois is the most pampered pooch in town

Excerpt: "If a dog could be considered royalty, [Lois] would be it."

Newton is happy and grateful the Youngs adopted him

Excerpt: "[Newton] was only a puppy when he was found abandoned in the…"

Ignatius felt rejected his whole life until he met his wife

Excerpt: "Ignatius developed behavioral problems that led him to…"

Ms. Rickard has always been a bit of an odd bird

Excerpt: "Fearing that Ophelia would become completely housebound, her parents…"

Sally was disappointed when her marriage didn't turn out to be all she had hoped

Excerpt: "[Sally] assumed things would improve after they…"

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