Lucky has never been as happy as he is with Miss Ophelia

Lucky Rickard is a seven-year-old Jack Russell terrier mix. He has very few memories of what happened before the accident, and the ones he does have, he wants to forget.

He was lost. He was running. He thought he heard his owner call his name. He ran in that direction. Then he heard the car and saw its lights. That’s all he remembers.

Ever since he woke up in the hospital, life has been pretty great. Lucky made a full recovery, except for his left eye. That had to be removed. But he can run and fetch, which he loves, and bite at little soap bubbles floating through the air, which he really loves.

His current owner brought him home from the hospital. She calls him Lucky, even though that’s not his name. He doesn’t mind because she takes him on several walks every day, gives his coat a thorough brushing, and lets him sleep on her bed, which is just about the softest, coziest thing he has ever felt.

On Fridays after dinner, she has a bowl of ice cream and gives Lucky a special dog treat. She says it’s good for his teeth, but it tastes good and he is always happy to get one.

Sometimes his owner looks at him like she has forgotten what she's doing. It makes her scared. Lucky pushes his head under her hand so she can pet him, and that seems to calm her down and help her remember.

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