From the beginning Becky has been smitten with David, quirks and all

Becky Adamson was born June 8, 1981, in Walnut Creek, California. Her father was a mechanic, and her mother was a waitress. They did their best to make ends meet and were very loving parents.

Becky wasn't the smartest kid in class but was always the hardest worker. She got great grades because she would study long past the time both her parents went to bed.

She got her work ethic from her parents. She saw how hard they tried and knew that it was the only way to get ahead.

Not only did she do well at school, but she was also a skilled softball player. She wasn't the most natural athlete, but her determination made her succeed.

She made it into Stanford on a softball scholarship, and Becky led their women's softball team to many victories.

While at Stanford, she studied business with a focus on accounting. She met David Young there, where she was smitten by his intelligence. They both loved mathematics, and she would often joke about the statistical probability of them having met.

She’s always been super supportive of David but realizes that he sometimes goes overboard with his obsessions with things (like home security). Unlike David, she’s better in social situations and always tries to find ways to bring him out of his shell when they’re together at parties.

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