Quinn doesn't understand why more people don't marry for money. And love.

Born October 4, 1979, Quinn Preston has been a lifelong resident of Oxford. As a little girl, she was definitely spoiled by her parents. From the age of eight until she was fifteen, every single one of her birthday parties was princess-themed.

She went to college in Oxford, where she earned a degree in nutrition. She received perfect grades without having to study that hard.

School was always easy for her, and she just can’t understand how there could be so many people who have trouble with it. They’re just dumb, she guesses.

She tolerates a lot being married to Vince. Yes, she loves him, but she loves his money even more.

Quinn hasn’t worked a real job since she married Vince. She spends most of her days at the gym, shopping, and pretending to laugh at Vince’s dumb jokes.

Her neighbors will always talk to her if they see her. If Vince is with her, they tend to run in the opposite direction.

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