Vince has a big personality that can be challenging in large doses

Born June 5, 1965, in Orlando, Florida, Vince Preston knew at an early age that he was destined for greatness. Always an entrepreneur, he made his first $100 as a seven-year-old with his own lemonade stand.

At fourteen, he made his first $1,000 selling magazine subscriptions door to door, and at thirty, he made his first million from his nutritional supplement company, Innerpowerax. A few class action lawsuits were taken against it, but he was always able to afford just the right lawyers that could get him off the hook.

Vince truly believes that women find him irresistible. Even though he’s married, he shamelessly flirts with any woman he can. His wife, Quinn, is fully aware of this behavior, often laughing it off saying that “Vince is just being Vince.”

He thinks that he's the life of the party. With his used car salesman charisma, he tells the same corny jokes that he’s been telling for years. When people don’t laugh, it’s they who have the problem, not his cheesy sense of humor.

On the weekends, he plays golf, and he definitely fudges the numbers in his favor. His golf friends are aware of it but don’t make a big deal out of it because they also say it's “Vince just being Vince.”

Vince met his wife, Quinn, at a tanning salon that he frequented in Oxford. She knew that Vince was rich, a fact that he often mentioned half jokingly every time he went there.

As great as Vince thinks he is, his neighbors find him rather annoying and have yet to respond to any of the Prestons' invitations to come over.

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