The Kudzu Kids set up shop at the neighborhood clubhouse to meet with the owners of the missing dogs.

David and Becky Young stopped in to find out what the Kudzu Kids were up to. Emma explained and asked for their help.

Emma Wooten: Everyone says the Youngs have a bunch of cameras set up. Let’s hope they caught something we can use.

Emma Wooten: I’m trying to find out what's happening to dogs from the neighborhood.

Becky Young: Well, our dog is right out back, and he's not bothering anybody.

Emma Wooten: Oh. No, ma'am. I didn't mean that. I'm really glad your dog is here safe. But some of the neighbors—

David Young: Why should we trust you? You might be just casing the place.

Emma Wooten: Me and my friends want to know why so many dogs have been disappearing around here. I’m one of the good guys.

David Young: All right, but if anything goes missing here, I’m going to your parents first.

Emma Wooten: OK. Wow, you’ve got a lot of nice equipment here.

David Young: Yeah, well, you can’t be too careful these days.

Becky Young: When David gets an idea in his head, he certainly follows through.

Emma Wooten: What is all this stuff?

David Young: It's part of our home security. I put all this together myself. We have security cameras all over our property, connected to a system I built.

Becky Young: My husband knows everything there is to know about keeping us secure.

Emma Wooten: Some of your neighbors think you’re paranoid.

David Young: Who said that? Forget it. They can say what they want. Bullies will be bullies.

Emma Wooten: Do you watch the security videos? Have you seen anything strange lately?

David Young: Yeah, we got footage of some guy creeping around our yard last week. I didn't report him to the cops because he didn't really do anything. Yet.

Emma Wooten: Do you know who he is?

Becky Young: I think I’ve seen him driving around the neighborhood in a red car.

Emma Wooten: Can I get a copy of that video?

David Young: I don’t know. You’re just a kid. What do you know about finding crooks?

Becky Young: Honey, it can’t hurt.

David Young: OK, I’ll give you a copy. But I'm keeping my eye on you, kid.

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