Naomi Temple peer canvass

What do Naomi's acquaintances from high school have to say about her?

Naomi Temple neighbor canvass

Have any of Naomi's neighbors noticed anything unusual lately?

Sarah Fogarty interview

What does Ms. Fogarty know about her co-worker Joey Sims?

Susan Starks interview

Could Ms. Starks help the Kudzu Kids understand more about Ms. Rickard and her missing dog?

David & Becky Young interview

A few people have mentioned that the Youngs might have information that could help the Kudzu Kids.

The Youngs' security video

What and who did Mr. and Mrs. Young's security camera capture lurking around their yard?

Security video stills

Kudzu Kid Zach captured some frames from the Youngs' security video to get a closer look.

William Lamar interview

The Kudzu Kids asked Dr. Lamar for advice on some evidence they collected recently.

Jack Reynolds interview

Following up on a clue led the Kudzu Kids to Mr. Reynolds.

Footprint evidence collection

Following Dr. Lamar's advice, the Kudzu Kids went looking for a possible footprint suggested by the security video.

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