As Dr. Lamar suggested, the Kudzu Kids went to the Youngs' house and got their permission to look for a footprint in their flower bed where the unidentified person in the security video may have stepped.

When they found a footprint, the Youngs agreed to let the Kudzu Kids make a cast of it using dental casting stone. This process is sometimes referred to as "plaster casting."

First, they put a square ruler on the ground near the footprint. The ruler serves as a scale to show the size of the footprint.

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Next, they sprayed the footprint with hairspray to keep the dirt from crumbling and prevent it from sticking to the plaster

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After they had mixed up the plaster, they poured it over the footprint and allowed it to set.

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When it was ready, they flipped the plaster over to examine the cast and had a magnifying glass ready so they could take a closer look.

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Learn more about how to make a cast of a shoe impression.


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