After the Kudzu Kids got the security video from the Youngs, they took it to their teacher from CSI camp, Dr. Lamar, to find out what clues he could see in it.

Melody Cheever: We learned so much at CSI camp. Dr. Lamar really makes science fun! He's going to watch the Youngs' security video with us. I hope he can give us some good advice about solving this case.

Dr. Lamar: What we have here is a classic example of Criminalus stupidus in its natural habitat (laughing, while pointing at the video on computer or television screen in front of him).

Melody Cheever: Yeah, we’re lucky to have this video.

Dr. Lamar: Did you see where he just stepped? (he rewinds the video and stops it)?

Melody Cheever: Yeah, it looks like in the flower bed.

Dr. Lamar: How is this different from the other places he was walking?

Melody Cheever: It’s the only area where there's soft dirt.

Dr. Lamar: Which means?

Melody Cheever: That he probably left his footprint there.

Dr. Lamar: Precisely!

Melody Cheever: I hope we can make an imprint if he did.

Dr. Lamar: When you go back, keep an eye out for any other potential evidence. Heck, if you find a piece of gum he chewed, we could try and extract the DNA. I have a friend in the genetics department who owes me a favor.

Melody Cheever: Thank you so much. We appreciate it!

Dr. Lamar: No problem. I’m always up to help solve a mystery.

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