Can Ms. Starks clear up the confusion about when Lucky Rickard disappeared?

After leaving Ms. Rickard's house, Emma and Melody stopped by to see her neighbor, Susan Starks.

They wanted to talk to Ms. Starks about the missing poster she made for Ms. Rickard's dog, Lucky.

Susan Starks: Thank you for helping to find Lucky. I’m very worried about him.

Emma Wooten: It’s weird because Miss Rickard doesn’t seem too concerned.

Susan Starks: I’m very worried about her, too.

Emma Wooten: Is she not doing OK?

Susan Starks: That depends on the day. How many times did she offer you a glass of frosty-cold lemonade?

Emma Wooten: I see your point. Is that why your name is on the flyer too?

Susan Starks: Yes. I check in on her several times a day. She doesn’t leave the house very often since Lucky has been gone. She used to walk him morning and evening. Now she only leaves the house to look for him, and it worries me if she stays out too long.

Emma Wooten: Oh, my gosh. She must be so lonely now without Lucky.

Melody Cheever: She told us her dog was returned. Is that true?

Susan Starks: I think so, but I’m not sure.

Emma Wooten: It looks huge! Wouldn’t you notice him?

Susan Starks: Yes, of course. What I mean is, I think he was returned once before. I think Ophelia already paid someone that large reward, but I didn’t ever see Lucky come home.

Emma Wooten: Did she say something to you? Because that is a lot of money.

Susan Starks: About a week ago, she was gone from the house for quite a while. When she came home she told me she’d been at the bank, and that Lucky would be home soon.

Melody Cheever: And now he’s missing again?

Susan Starks: Unless he never came home. He was either here for a very short time, or the person took the money and didn’t bring Lucky back to her.

Emma Wooten: Wait. Wait. You think she paid the reward, and then didn’t get her dog back?

Susan Starks: I think so, yes. If Ophelia did get Lucky back, I think he went missing again after just a few hours.

Melody Cheever: Is there a hole in the fence or some other way for him to get out?

Susan Starks: No. I checked it myself.

Emma Wooten: Do you know a way we can prove she already paid a reward?

Susan Starks: No, I’m sorry. She says she doesn’t remember, and unfortunately, she keeps terrible records now. But I think it’s that she’s embarrassed.

Melody Cheever: Did she used to be organized?

Susan Starks: Yes. Very organized. She was going to be a pharmacist. Got her degree and everything. She’s a smart cookie. That’s why I’m worried. I’m afraid she is being taken advantage of.

Melody Cheever: Thank you, Ms. Starks.

Susan Starks: Stay in touch, won’t you please? I’m so worried. If you find out anything please let me know.

Melody Cheever: We will.

Emma Wooten: This just went from weird to creepy and heartless. So, wait. Either someone took the money and kept Ms. Rickard's dog, or else took the money, returned the dog, then turned around and stole him again. That is not OK!

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