Emma and Melody went to see Ms. Rickard at her house so she wouldn't have to come out to meet with them.

They wanted to talk to her about her missing dog, Lucky.

Ophelia Rickard: Would you young ladies like a glass of frosty cold lemonade?

Melody Cheever: No, thank you, Ms. Rickard.

Ophelia Rickard: Well, then. What can I do for you children today?

Emma Wooten: We’re here to ask about your missing dog. We called earlier today?

Ophelia Rickard: Oh, goodness. Do you know where he is? Have you seen him? I went looking for him just a few minutes ago.

Emma Wooten: Oh. No. Sorry, Ms. Rickard. We found this missing dog flyer on the bulletin board at the pet supply store, and we’re trying to help.

Ophelia Rickard: Oh. All right. I was hoping you found him again.

Melody Cheever: He was missing before?

Ophelia Rickard: Yes, and he’s still missing.

Melody Cheever: Is this an old flyer then?

Ophelia Rickard: No, I don’t think so. It wasn’t that long ago, so I think it’s the same flyer.

Melody Cheever: Did someone call you about Lucky?

Ophelia Rickard: Yes.

Emma Wooten: So, it wasn’t Lucky then?

Ophelia Rickard: It was, but he’s still missing.

Emma Wooten: Ms. Rickard, who is Susan Starks?

Ophelia Rickard: She’s a sweet, young friend who visits me every so often. Why?

Melody Cheever: Her name and phone number are also on the flyer.

Ophelia Rickard: Oh, my heavens, that would be confusing. Susan has a computer and she helped me with it.

Emma Wooten: Does she dog sit for you sometimes?

Ophelia Rickard: No. He’s a one-person dog, and I am his person. I worry that he's lonely now.

Emma Wooten: Don’t worry, Ms. Rickard. We’ll help you find Lucky.

Ophelia Rickard: Thank you. I just looked for him a few minutes ago, but I can’t go very far, and my efforts are not appreciated by everyone in the neighborhood.

Emma Wooten: Why do you think that?

Ophelia Rickard: Someone spoke to me.

Melody Cheever: Do you know who?

Ophelia Rickard: Yes, it was that awful David Young. He’s such a rude man. I was merely trying to find my dog. I didn’t mean to get on his television.

Emma Wooten: How do you get on his television?

Ophelia Rickard: Oh, he has cameras set up everywhere. If you linger the slightest bit while walking past his house, you get on his television, and later, he shows it to you.

Melody Cheever: And he was rude to you?

Ophelia Rickard: He shouted at me. “Shoo! Shoo! Go home!” As if I were a gnat!

Melody Cheever: I'm sorry, Ms. Rickard. That wasn't very nice of him.

Emma Wooten: Thank you for talking to us about Lucky, Ms. Rickard. We’ll let you know if we find out anything.

Ophelia Rickard: Oh, please do. Next time I’ll make us some frosty cold lemonade.

Emma Wooten: Maybe Susan Starks can clear this up. I sure hope she’s checking in on Ms. Rickard more than every so often.

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