The Kudzu Kids set up shop at the neighborhood clubhouse to meet with the owners of the missing dogs.

Vince and Quinn Preston asked Melody for help finding their dog, Lois.

Quinn Preston: We saw your sign outside. You can help us find our dog?

Melody Cheever: We're going to try. Do you have time for a couple questions?

Vince Preston: Sure, kid. You wanna know how to be as rich and handsome as ole Vince here? Go right ahead.

Quinn Preston: Dear, this is serious. Our poor baby is lost somewhere in this cruel world!

Melody Cheever: When did you first notice your dog was missing?

Quinn Preston: We let Lois sleep outside in her dog house on Wednesday. Thursday morning, she didn’t come when called. That has never happened before. We knew that something was really wrong.

Vince Preston: It must have happened sometime between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 in the morning.

Melody Cheever: Did you notice anything unusual?

Vince Preston: I noticed how much more my stocks earned. Did I mention I know how to make money?

Quinn Preston: Honey! No, I didn’t notice anything strange.

Melody Cheever: Do you have any sort of security cameras set up?

Vince Preston: We don’t, but Becky and David Young do. That guy David is a huge computer nerd. That’s his job. Wouldn’t be surprised if that wacko had a camera pointed at every corner of this neighborhood.

Melody Cheever: That’s a good lead.

Quinn Preston: Please find our dear Lois! We do miss her so.

Vince Preston: Don’t worry, honey. She’s a Preston. We’re fighters!

Melody Cheever: Has anyone been in touch about your missing dog flyer?

Vince Preston: Not yet, but we are offering a very sizeable reward. Maybe it would be a good start for your college fund if you find her.

Melody Cheever: Thanks, Mr. Preston. We’ll let you know if we find anything out.

Melody Cheever: Wow. What a couple. Money can’t buy everything. I do feel bad that Lois is lost. Maybe their nerdy neighbors have video footage that can help us out?

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