The Kudzu Kids set up shop at the neighborhood clubhouse to meet with the owners of the missing dogs.

After Mrs. Hamblett walked away from the conversation with Melody, Zach, and her husband, Zach followed her to see if he could get more information about her dog, Tony.

Sally Hamblett: What do you want?

Zach Burgess: I wanted to ask you some questions about your missing dog.

Sally Hamblett: His name's Tony.

Zach Burgess: I know. I saw the poster. It must be really hard not knowing where Tony is.

Sally Hamblett: That's right, and talking to a bunch of kids isn't going to change that.

Zach Burgess: It will if we find him for you.

Sally Hamblett: You think you're being helpful. I get that. But you're just making things worse.

Zach Burgess: Maybe if you talked with us, we'd be able to follow up on any leads.

Sally Hamblett: I would do anything if I thought it would help get Tony back. Well, not anything, obviously, since I’m still married to Ignatius.

Zach Burgess: What do you mean?

Sally Hamblett: No. Forget I said anything. My second mistake was not getting Tony chipped. The guy at the vet who handles lost dogs told me I really needed to get that done, but I didn’t want to cause Tony any pain. And now he’s gone!

Zach Burgess: Don’t worry, Mrs. Hamblett. When we find Tony, we'll let you know.

Zach Burgess: I don't get it. Does Mrs. Hamblett think her dog is missing because of her husband?

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