The Kudzu Kids set up shop at the neighborhood clubhouse to meet with the owners of the missing dogs.

George Donnelly came in and spoke to Melody and Emma about his late parents and their dog — now his dog — Bolt.

Emma Wooten: Bolt seems like a cool dog, Mr. Donnelly. Hopefully, we can help get him back for you.

George Donnelly: Thanks. I’m looking forward to him coming home. My parents will be so happy.

Melody Cheever: We’re very sorry to hear about your parents. And your dog.

George Donnelly: I appreciate that. It’s been a rough year since they died, but I know they’re watching over Bolt and me, and they’re helping lead him home.

Emma Wooten: When did Bolt go missing?

George Donnelly: I’m not exactly sure, but I noticed the silence last week while I was practicing violin.

Emma Wooten: Is Bolt an indoor dog mostly?

George Donnelly: Well, he was, but since he got here, I’ve been leaving him outside a lot. My parents really spoiled him. He wanders the house and whines constantly. Unless I’m practicing or have a student. Then he barks and howls.

Melody Cheever: Did your neighbors complain about the barking?

George Donnelly: Not to me. Not about the dog. But my music sometimes bothers the neighbors, and they have mentioned it to me.

Melody Cheever: Which neighbors complained?

George Donnelly: The Osbornes are cool. Not much seems to bother them. But the Youngs complain about everything, and they have video evidence to back up their complaints.

Emma Wooten: Did they actually show you some video?

George Donnelly: Yeah. One of my students was walking past their house, and a gum wrapper or something blew onto their lawn. They wanted me to make sure my students threw all their trash in my bins before leaving my house. Crazy, right?

Emma Wooten: Pretty crazy.

Melody Cheever: Your reward is very generous. Has anyone contacted you?

George Donnelly: Not yet, but I’m hopeful. I have a good feeling that Bolt’s OK, and that generous reward guarantees that if he is OK, I’ll get him back.

Emma Wooten: Please let us know if you hear anything.

George Donnelly: I’m sure I’ll hear something soon. With Mom and Dad working on it from the spirit world, and now you guys working on it here, plus the reward, I’m confident Bolt will be home. Soon. He just has to come home.

Emma Wooten: So, what’s weirder? Mr. Donnelly’s parents “helping from the spirit world” or Mr. and Mrs. Young getting up in his face with video evidence of a gum wrapper?

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