Bolt has been miserable ever since he abruptly moved from Boston to Oxford

Bolt is a Chihuahua mix of some kind but believes he is an Irish Wolfhound. He was dumped in the alley behind a sports bar in Boston owned by William and Linda Donnelly. He survived by snarling at everything and eating scraps of garbage.

Eventually, he was caught by Linda, who named him after the Jamaican track star Usain Bolt and kept him in a crate at the bar for two days. He was starving but refused to eat dog food. At first, he whimpered and whined incessantly, but Bolt won Linda’s heart when she realized he was begging for the food she was preparing. She quickly won him over by hand-feeding him specially cooked dog food.

Linda and William adopted Bolt into their home and their hearts, and he adored them too. He was pampered and spoiled. He was carried nearly everywhere the Donnellys went, and Linda cooked his food. On very rare occasions, he would get a taste of his favorite: shepherd’s pie.

On January 1st of this year, William and Linda were killed in an armed robbery at the bar. Their son, George, took Bolt to his home in Oxford, Mississippi.

Bolt is miserable without William and Linda and cannot understand why he was taken away from them.

George has no clue how to make Bolt happy, but George does know, in no particular order: If the Red Sox are playing, Bolt will watch the TV intently. Bolt hates golf. And the violin. Dog food is repulsive. Walks are out of the question. Fetch is what George does for Bolt, not the other way around.

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