The Kudzu Kids set up shop at the neighborhood clubhouse to meet with the owners of the missing dogs.

The first people to approach them were the Osbornes, who talked to Rachel and Zach about their dog, Butch.

Rachel McGowan: So I saw the poster about Butch.

Andy Osborne: My baby.

Charlene Osborne: Butch has gotten out a time or two, but he's never not come right home.

Zach Burgess: What do you think happened?

Charlene Osborne: Well...

Andy Osborne: Charlene, please.

Charlene Osborne: I don't know why you don't believe me.

Andy Osborne: Maybe because I've heard your theory.

Rachel McGowan: Mrs. Osborne, what theory is that?

Charlene Osborne: I think they took Butch to star in a new reality television program.

Zach Burgess: A TV show?

Charlene Osborne: I was having my hair done, and I overheard someone talking about a show called "Living in the Dog House" where the contestants have to live with all these strange dogs.

Zach Burgess: I've never seen that, and I watch a lot of television.

Charlene Osborne: The show's still in production. That's why they need all the dogs they can find.

Andy Osborne: Honey, there’s not a production company within a hundred miles. Kids, you'll have to forgive my wife. She's under a lot of strain.

Charlene Osborne: This has nothing to do with my mother's illness. You just don't want it to be true so that you and Sally can continue your crusade to locate your missing dogs.

Andy Osborne: My Butch is out there somewhere.

Charlene Osborne: Exactly. Safe on a set.

Rachel McGowan: Mr. Osborne, what do you think happened to Butch?

Andy Osborne: I'll tell you what I think. It has something to do with this car I saw casing the neighborhood. A Chevy Camaro.

Rachel McGowan: If someone was casing the neighborhood, Butch might have sensed it. Has he been barking more than usual?

Charlene Osborne: Not that I noticed.

Andy Osborne: I just don't understand why anyone would take Butch.

Rachel McGowan: You said he gets out sometimes?

Charlene Osborne: Not like this.

Andy Osborne: For Butch to stay gone this long, somebody must have him.

Zach Burgess: What the heck is a Chevy Camaro?


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