Naomi may be eccentric, but no one doubts her love of animals

Born March 26, 1992, Naomi Temple has loved animals ever since she was a little girl. She still lives with her parents and they have three cats, two dogs and a friendly goat named "The General" who nibbles grass in their spacious backyard and comes whenever his name is called.

Naomi has a kinship with animals and has always wanted to be a veterinarian. She volunteers at the animal shelter and always makes sure that the animals are well taken care of. She has gone back to her local community college and has taken many of the science prerequisites as a first step to achieving her dream.

Out of all of the volunteers, she logs the most hours at the shelter. The people who run it know how smart and dedicated Naomi is and give her many responsibilities that they wouldn’t entrust to any of the other volunteers.

She takes a particular interest in the dogs at the shelter and often sings to them until they howl along with her. She doesn’t have the best singing voice, tending to be a bit flat, but the soothing quality of her voice calms the dogs and establishes a connection between them and her.

Naomi has little interest in what's cool or trendy. She often wears overalls, plaid shirts, and sandals made from synthetic leather. She isn’t quite a hippie, but she wouldn’t be out of place in the aisle of a health food store.

Naomi has her own unique philosophy on life that others sometimes have trouble understanding, but she tries to follow the rules and be the best person she can.

She believes that people are basically good and always assumes they have the best intentions. As a result, she's been disappointed more often than she'll admit when she's discovered someone has taken advantage of her kindness.

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