Kudzu Kids Melody and Emma visited Naomi again to see what she had to say about claims she might be involved in the dogs' disappearances and to see her reaction to the person seen in the Youngs' security video.

Melody Cheever: Hey, Naomi. We just have a few additional questions about the missing dogs.

Naomi Temple: You came at the perfect time! I just burned some sage and got all of the bad energy out of here.

Emma Wooten: I thought it smelled kind of burnt in here…

Melody Cheever: It seems like there are some people who think you might know more about the missing dogs.

Naomi Temple: What do you mean?

Emma Wooten: Like maybe you took them.

Naomi Temple: I would never betray my animal friends!

Emma Wooten: But you took your neighbor's bird.

Naomi Temple: I rescued that bird. It was being terribly neglected, left outside, all alone, in a cage.

Melody Cheever: And you let the guinea pigs from that classroom escape.

Naomi Temple: How do you know all of this?

Emma Wooten: We've been talking to a lot of people.

Naomi Temple: They can say whatever they want. I know in my heart those animals wanted to be liberated.

Emma Wooten: Any chance that you “liberated” the missing dogs from their owners?

Naomi Temple: I can feel the bad energy returning.

Melody Cheever: We've talked to those owners, and I can see how you might think some of those dogs needed to be rescued.

Naomi Temple: It wasn't me.

Emma Wooten: Listen, Naomi, we need you to help us.

Naomi Temple: I didn't take any dogs!

Melody Cheever: Do you recognize this guy?

Naomi Temple: Hmm… he kind of looks like this guy Carl who stops by a lot.

Melody Cheever: Why does he come by so much?

Naomi Temple: He finds a lot of dogs. He's an animal lover, just like me!

Melody Cheever: Has he done anything suspicious?

Naomi Temple: Some of the dogs look like ones that are missing, but I don't think they're the same ones.

Emma Wooten: Why not?

Naomi Temple: He says they're not, and I believe him.

Melody Cheever: You'd be surprised what good liars people can be.

Naomi Temple: Carl is a kind man. I know he would never lie to me.

Emma Wooten: Yeah, Naomi is pretty wacky. But I don't think she's bad. I think she's telling the truth about not knowing more about the missing dogs.

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