Kudzu Kids Melody and Emma met with Yoknapatawpha County Humane Society volunteer Naomi Temple to find out what she knows about the missing dogs.

Naomi Temple: I had a feeling you would be in today!

Emma Wooten: I don’t think we’ve ever met.

Naomi Temple: No, we haven’t, but sometimes you just have a premonition about things.

Emma Wooten: Uh, right…

Naomi Temple: Did you notice how none of these dogs here are barking? They know that you're good people.

Melody Cheever: We are good people! We’re trying to find out what’s happening with all of the dogs that have been going missing.

Emma Wooten: Have you noticed more dogs being brought into the shelter than usual?

Naomi Temple: I haven’t, but more people sure have been calling us to see if their dogs are here. People should take better care of their fur babies. You know?

Emma Wooten: And you haven’t noticed anything suspicious?

Naomi Temple: Nothing like that, but the dogs always bark when Riley — she’s the Animal Control Officer — whenever she stops by. They know.

Melody Cheever: What do they know?

Naomi Temple: They know if you’re good or bad.

Emma Wooten: So you’re saying Riley is bad?

Naomi Temple: You’re going to have to ask them.

Melody Cheever: We know what you’re saying, Naomi. It’s like dogs have senses we don’t have.

Naomi Temple: Exactly!

Emma Wooten: Naomi sure does seem to be on a planet all her own. Is she really that out there or does she actually know something about Riley?

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