After their second conversation with Dr. Lamar, the Kudzu Kids set up a stand on the town square to collect shoe impressions from passersby.

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With Dr. Lamar standing by to take photos and video and to provide advice on using Bubber to collect the impressions, the Kudzu Kids encouraged anyone who walked by to give them an impression of their shoe.

They got shoe impressions from lots of people that day, including from all of their top suspects.

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They set aside the impressions they were specifically interested in, and Dr. Lamar guided them in using oblique lighting to take photographs of them.

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The Kudzu Kids want to compare those impressions to the footprint cast from the Youngs' flower bed.

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Will you help them compare the impressions and find a match?


Zach explains how to use Bubber to collect a shoe impression


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Identify the shoe impression