Having bolstered their case with more evidence, the Kudzu Kids went back to see Detective Armstrong of the YCSD so he could decide if they had enough for him to make an arrest.

Detective Armstrong: Hey, kids. What you got there?

Rachel McGowan: Evidence.

Emma Wooten: You told us to bring you some.

Detective Armstrong: So I did.

Melody Cheever: It was a great suggestion. We've learned so much.

Detective Armstrong: Why don't you show me what you have?

Rachel McGowan: These are shoeprints we collected on the Square.

Melody Cheever: They're labeled. B1 is Carl Asher, H2 is Joey Sims from the vet's office, K3 is Naomi Temple from the animal shelter, and P2 is Riley Scott, the animal control officer.

Emma Wooten: It's a code. You take the first letter of their first name, and then move to the right that number of spaces.

Zach Burgess: We wanted to make it seem anonymous. Dr. Lamar helped us with the Bubber.

Detective Armstrong: They're good quality impressions.

Emma Wooten: You can compare them against this one from the flower bed. We found a match.

Melody Cheever: We also sprinkled theft-detection powder outside the doors where Victor Jennings lived.

Detective Armstrong: I told you kids to be careful.

Emma Wooten: Do we look hurt?

Rachel McGowan: Then later, we shined a blacklight on the inside of the animal control van, and Zach took pictures. See?

Zach Burgess: The steering wheel lit up like Christmas.

Emma Wooten: Carl Asher's the one who hangs out at the Jennings place, and we just proved he was driving the van, perfect for transporting stolen dogs.

Detective Armstrong: It seems to support the theory.

Rachel McGowan: This has video from Zach's webcam.

Detective Armstrong: Are you a suspect?

Zach Burgess: I just used it to get video of what was happening at that vacant house.

Emma Wooten: And we caught that Carl guy — again! — going in and out of there with a big dog.

Detective Armstrong: You were told to stay away from that house.

Zach Burgess: The camera was at Miss Zina's house. It was totally safe.

Detective Armstrong: I should have known…

Rachel McGowan: And this has video showing Carl Asher trying to steal a dog.

Detective Armstrong: Is this the same one we talked about before?

Rachel McGowan: That was just a still from the video. This is the whole thing.

Detective Armstrong: OK.

Melody Cheever: And these are copies of the missing dog posters.

Zach Burgess: We interviewed the owners. The videos are on here.

Detective Armstrong: You kids have certainly given me a lot to work with.

Rachel McGowan: We'll leave you to get started then.

Emma Wooten: You're going to arrest that Carl guy now, right?

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