The Kudzu Kids set up shop at the neighborhood clubhouse to meet with the owners of the missing dogs.

After seeing their sign outside, Franklin Guyton came in to talk to Melody, Zach, and Rachel about his dog, Champ.

Melody Cheever: Where did you last see Champ?

Franklin Guyton: My backyard. I let him out for a bit before I went to bed on Monday. When I came back, he was gone.

Zach Burgess: Is that one of his toys?

Franklin Guyton: Yeah, this is Bear. Champ would never go anywhere without him unless something was really wrong.

Rachel McGowan: You didn’t hear or see anything weird that day?

Franklin Guyton: After I let him out, I was busy with some paperwork on a house that I sold. I should have checked on him earlier. It’s all my fault. There’s a reason why everyone I love eventually leaves me.

Melody Cheever: It’s not your fault. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

Franklin Guyton: I think I made a big mistake that day.

Zach Burgess: What do you mean?

Franklin Guyton: When I realized he was gone, I saw that the gate was open, and I thought… but I always make sure it's latched so no other dogs can come into the yard. And Champ would never wander off on his own. I can't understand what happened.

Rachel McGowan: Have you seen anything suspicious lately?

Franklin Guyton: Not really, but that animal control truck is driving around the neighborhood a lot more.

Melody Cheever: Well, there’s been a lot of missing dogs. I’m sure they’re just trying to help.

Zach Burgess: We’ll bring Champ back to you, Mr. Guyton. Don't worry.

Franklin Guyton: Please do. I’m so lonely without him.

Melody Cheever: I wonder if Mr. Guyton accidentally forgot to latch the gate that day or if somebody else did it. But why would someone do that?

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