Franklin has always struggled to find his place in the world

Born March 12, 1962, in Oxford, Franklin Guyton was the youngest of four children. His parents were both doctors and made sure that their children always had the best.

As the baby of the family, Franklin was always vying with his brother and sisters for his parents' time. Because of his constant need for attention, he was definitely spoiled more than his siblings.

He was an OK student, but teachers often caught him daydreaming. He liked to stare out of the window in class and lose himself in thought.

His teachers always felt that he was bright, but he just wasn’t applying himself. He later tried to follow in his parents' footsteps and applied to medical school, but his grades weren’t good enough.

He worked a number of jobs after college, and either quit or was fired from them. It took Franklin awhile to find his footing as an adult, but he finally got his real estate license and he has had great success selling homes.

Even though they’ve always been supportive of him, Franklin still seeks his parents' approval and always makes sure to call them and tell them about the houses he has sold and how well he’s doing.

Despite his success, Franklin is a lonely person. His wife, Cindy, recently left him after thirty years of marriage because of his insecurity. He’s never been good by himself, and the emptiness of his huge house can be overwhelming.

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