How did Joey respond to seeing a still from the security video?

Kudzu Kids Rachel and Zach went back to see Joey Sims and get his reaction to the person seen in the Youngs' security video.

Joey Sims: Back again? You haven't lost interest in your little detective games?

Zach Burgess: This isn't a game. This is serious.

Joey Sims: Don't arrest me, Officer. I ain't done nothing wrong.

Rachel McGowan: We've got a photo from a security camera we want to show you. Does this man look familiar?

Joey Sims: Where did you get this?

Zach Burgess: People are saying that this is your friend.

Joey Sims: You got to be kidding me.

Rachel McGowan: We heard that there's a guy who visits you often at work.

Joey Sims: Who told you that? Sarah?

Rachel McGowan: We don't want to get to get anyone in trouble, including you.

Joey Sims: Well yeah, my buddy Carl stops in all the time. But that's not him in the photo.

Zach Burgess: Who said it was?

Rachel McGowan: We still have more videos to watch. A neighbor said he saw two guys creeping around the neighborhood. Was that you?

Joey Sims: You're saying that Carl and I have something to do with these dogs you're looking for?

Zach Burgess: We haven't said that… yet.

Joey Sims: If there's anyone you should be suspicious of, it's that girl Naomi Temple at the animal shelter. She has a few screws loose if you know what I mean.

Rachel McGowan: What does she know about the missing dogs?

Joey Sims: How should I know? Why don't you leave me alone and go annoy that animal control officer? Her whole job is dealing with stray animals.

Rachel McGowan: Is there anything else you think we should know?

Joey Sims: Nope. Now, you kids scram and don't bother me anymore. These visits are getting to be annoying.

Zach Burgess: Tell me about it.

Rachel McGowan: Let's go, Zach.

Zach Burgess: Joey Sims was being really paranoid. I think that him and Carl are in this together.

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