Joey has plans to leave Oxford for California as soon as he can afford it

Born December 2, 1987, in Oxford, Joey Sims moved briefly to New York City and Chicago after getting his associate’s degree in theater from the local community college.

He has worked as a waiter, a construction worker and an insurance salesman since graduating. Now back in Oxford and living in his parents' guest house, he works as a veterinary technician.

Having no real affinity for animals, he became a vet tech because he thought it would be a way to meet women.

“Chicks love animals,” Joey would tell his friends about his occupation.

He considers his current job and living situation only temporary before he moves on to much bigger things. Joey dreams of California and has no doubt that when he makes it to Hollywood, he will become a famous actor.

He realizes that many have had this same dream and failed, but Joey knows he will be the exception.

He looks forward to the day that he can see his past getting farther behind in his rearview mirror. All he has to do to make his California dream a reality is save enough money for a car, but so far, he's only managed to scrape together a few hundred dollars.

In the meantime, Joey has auditioned for a number of community theater productions in Yoknapatawpha County but hasn't landed any roles. Though he has failed many times, he remains optimistic and his dreams undaunted.

Joey tells anyone who questions his acting plans that his success is certain because he'll do anything to achieve it.

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