The Kudzu Kids used a UV light to look for anti-theft powder in Riley Scott's vehicle

Did the Kudzu Kids find any evidence in Mrs. Scott's vehicle?


The Kudzu Kids collected shoe impressions from their suspects

The Kudzu Kids collected sample shoe impressions from their main suspects.


What is animal control officer Riley Scott hiding?

Did Mrs. Scott's explanations satisfy the Kudzu Kids?


Help the Kudzu Kids match the shoeprints


The Kudzu Kids need your help to identify the matching shoe impressions.


How did Joey respond to seeing a still from the security video?

How did Joey respond to seeing a still from the security video?


The Kudzu Kids asked Dr. Lamar for advice on identifying the footprint from the Youngs' flower bed

What did Dr. Lamar advise the Kudzu Kids to do to identify the flower bed footprint?


How does Naomi feel about being a suspect in the dogs' disappearances?

How did Naomi respond to the news that some people think she might be involved in the dogs' disappearances?


In this edition: missing mutts… bogus bingo… and student sleuths

The spate of missing dogs has even caught the eye of The Face in the Mirror.


The Kudzu Kids used invisible fluorescent theft detection powder to find out who's been at the Jennings house

The Kudzu Kids used a technique Dr. Lamar taught them to investigate some recent suspicious activity.


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