George doesn't really like Bolt but can't bear to give him away

Mr. Donnelly welcomed the Kudzu Kids' help finding his dog, in addition to the unusual assistance he was already getting.


Did Ms. Rickard already pay to get her dog back and now it's gone again?

How long has Ms. Rickard's dog been missing?


The Wilsons dog has special needs and may be suffering without their help

The Wilsons told Rachel and Zach that they're particularly worried because their dog requires special attention.


What possible lead did the Prestons give Rachel?

Do the Prestons know how their precious pooch, Lois, disappeared?


Did Mr. Guyton make a mistake that let his dog run away?

Mr. Guyton can't understand how or why his dog got out of his backyard.


How upset is Ignatius about the missing Tony?

Is Mr. Hamblett's reaction to their missing dog unusual?


The Osbornes disagree about what happened to their missing dog

Mrs. Osborne's theory about where their dog is wasn't what Rachel and Zach were expecting.


Why did Mrs. Hamblett rush away from her husband and the Kudzu Kids?

What does Mrs. Hamblett have to add to what her husband told the Kudzu Kids?


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