Kudzu Kids Rachel and Zach stopped by the animal clinic to talk to vet tech Joey Sims about the missing dogs.

Joey Sims: Do you kids need something?

Rachel McGowan: What do you think of all these missing dogs?

Joey Sims: I think it’s really, really sad, kid. But I’m pretty busy here.

Zach Burgess: But there’s no animals here right now. You don’t look like you’re doing anything.

Joey Sims: I don’t know nothing about any missing dogs. Why don’t you go to the animal shelter and ask them?

Rachel McGowan: We’ve already been there. There’s a lot of posters for missing pets.

Joey Sims: Listen, I don’t have time for this little playschool detective game you're playing. I need to finish up here and head to an audition really soon.

Zach Burgess: You’re an actor?

Joey Sims: Yeah, someday I’m going to leave this all behind. You think I like cleaning up here and getting bit and scratched? I can’t wait to get out of here.

Rachel McGowan: Dr. Johnson said you're in charge of keeping track of all the missing pets.

Joey Sims: Yeah, that’s one thing out of many that I do around here.

Zach Burgess: Have there been more missing dogs lately?

Joey Sims: Summer is always busy. People let their dogs out more. They run away. I don’t see any big mystery about it.

Rachel McGowan: Has anyone brought any dogs in here to get scanned?

Joey Sims: That happens all the time. People are always finding dogs that have gotten loose. I got a guy who’s always bringing dogs by. A good samaritan, that man is.

Rachel McGowan: Does this guy have a name?

Joey Sims: Ummm…. I can’t recall it right now. You kids gotta scram. I need to go over my lines some more.

Rachel McGowan: Well, that was awkward. That guy's supposed to be an actor? He was definitely acting like a jerk. Was he "acting" when he said he didn't know anything?

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