Kudzu Kids Rachel and Zach arranged to meet with Animal Control Officer Riley Scott so they could ask her about the missing dogs.

Rachel McGowan: Thanks for meeting with us, Mrs. Scott.

Riley Scott: Of course. Thank you for accommodating my crazy schedule and meeting me on campus.

Zach Burgess: No problem. How do you like school?

Riley Scott: It’s good, but I could use a little break.

Rachel McGowan: What are you studying?

Riley Scott: Computer Science.

Zach Burgess: My dad works for a tech company if you need any help.

Riley Scott: It’s not so hard for me. I was a jet engine mechanic. It’s just a time issue.

Rachel McGowan: I think I mentioned on the phone that we're checking into what seems to be a lot of missing dogs.

Riley Scott: Yes, you did. I’m not sure how much help I’m going to be.

Rachel McGowan: Even things that don't seem important can make a difference sometimes.

Zach Burgess: Have you noticed more stray dogs than usual lately?

Riley Scott: Well, maybe. But apparently that happens during the summer months. This was my first full-time summer as the Animal Control Officer.

Zach Burgess: Why are there more in the summer?

Riley Scott: My boss says it’s a combination of people moving out of Oxford when the school year ends, and, of course, Fourth of July fireworks are an issue.

Rachel McGowan: Have you been getting more calls about loose dogs since the Fourth of July?

Riley Scott: Well... no.In fact, I’ve noticed a decrease in strays since then.

Rachel McGowan: I have some of the missing dog posters here. Would you look through them and see if any of these dogs look familiar?

Riley Scott: Sure. Of course. Gosh, most of these offer a reward.

Rachel McGowan: Is that unusual?

Riley Scott: Not necessarily, but I deal with a lot of mistreated and abandoned animals. It’s sad. It’s nice to see that people care.

Zach Burgess: What do you do with the animals you capture?

Riley Scott: They get dropped off at the Humane Society.

Rachel McGowan: About how many times a week are you there?

Riley Scott: How should I know? It depends on the number of strays. Have you spoken with anyone over at the animal shelter?

Zach Burgess: That’s a good idea. Is there someone specific we should ask for when we do?

Riley Scott: Oh, I don’t know. I would think anyone there could help you. And they scan for chips, so they should know if there’s been an increase in missing pets.

Rachel McGowan: Thank you, Mrs. Scott. Can you think of any other leads we should follow up on?

Riley Scott: Well, I guess maybe a veterinarian’s office also would be a good place to ask. Oh! I need to scoot!

Rachel McGowan: Thank you for your time.

Riley Scott: You’re welcome. If I think of anything, I’ll call you. And if you think of anything, feel free to call me. Good luck!

Zach Burgess: Is it weird she doesn’t know her job? "Well, gosh, I used to fix jet airplanes, but this stray dog business? Now, that’s hard." I betcha she knows a lot more than she’s saying.

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