The Kudzu Kids asked Dr. Lamar for advice on identifying the footprint from the Youngs' flower bed. He helped them come up with a plan to get some reference shoe impressions for comparison.

Rachel McGowan: We need to prove whose footprint that was in the Youngs' flower bed.

Melody Cheever: I just wish there was an easy way to get our suspects’ shoe prints.

Rachel McGowan: Yeah, but I don’t think there’s any way to be sneaky about it.

Dr. Lamar: Have you ever done a science fair at school?

Rachel McGowan: Of course.

Melody Cheever: Yeah, those are always fun!

Dr. Lamar: Well, isn’t your investigation like a science project?

Rachel McGowan: Kinda. We’re trying to get data on our suspects...

Melody Cheever: Ooh, what if we set up a booth like it’s for a school project? We can collect shoe impressions in the name of science!

Rachel McGowan: Yeah! They won’t suspect a thing. They’ll think that they’re just helping us out with our homework.

Melody Cheever: But how are we going to get all the people want? Riley Scott, Joey Sims, Naomi Temple, and Carl Asher?

Rachel McGowan: We'll have to set up somewhere everyone goes ... like the Square!

Melody Cheever: And if they don’t want to do it?

Dr. Lamar: Just use the power of persuasion. Heck, you somehow talked me into helping you (laughing). Do you remember how we used Bubber in camp to make shoe impressions?

Melody Cheever: I think so.

Dr. Lamar: (a square plastic box is in front of him on the desk, which contains Bubber that he’s flattening with a spatula) This will do the trick. Make sure you have it all packed down nice and neat.

Melody Cheever: And then we just have someone step in it, right?

Dr. Lamar: Yep, that will make an impression.

Rachel McGowan: And we’ll just keep the ones from our targets.

Dr. Lamar: Precisely.

Melody Cheever: And hopefully one of those impressions will match the one we found in the flower bed.

Rachel McGowan: Is there any way you could be there, Dr. Lamar? We sure could use your help.

Dr. Lamar: I’ll be there. You don’t have anything to worry about. And I’ll bring plenty of Bubber.

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