Melody asked Mr. Reynolds for help identifying the man in the security video

After the Kudzu Kids identified the graphic on the t-shirt the man in the security video was wearing, they decided to try to find out more.

Melody visited Hop-A-Long Hotdogs and spoke to the manager there.

Jack Reynolds: Sorry that took so long. There was a problem with the fry basket release.

Melody Cheever: No problem, Mr. Reynolds. I'm just glad you could take the time to talk with me.

Jack Reynolds: You want some overdone fries?

Melody Cheever: No thanks. I really enjoy your hot dogs, but I already ate.

Jack Reynolds: Maybe you can get one to go.

Melody Cheever: That's a great idea. So I'm wondering if you could take a look this picture of someone.

Jack Reynolds: Sure.

Melody Cheever: That's your logo on his T-shirt.

Jack Reynolds: Yes, he used to work for me.

Melody Cheever: Do you remember his name?

Jack Reynolds: Carl. Carl something. You have to realize a lot of people pass through here.

Melody Cheever: Maybe you have it written down somewhere?

Jack Reynolds: Just give me a minute. It'll come back to me. So this picture, it looks like it came off a surveillance system. Is he in trouble?

Melody Cheever: We're just trying to identify him.

Jack Reynolds: I never promoted him. I'm sure of that. I've got to be careful who I put in charge of money. I've got enough problems with breakage.

Melody Cheever: Hot dogs break?

Jack Reynolds: Restaurant-speak for product loss. Someone burns a basket of fries. A dog rolls off the grill onto the floor. The last tomato in the box goes bad. When you own a restaurant, everything cuts into profits. Asher. That was his last name.

Melody Cheever: Carl Asher? You're sure?

Jack Reynolds: He was good with the public. A little too good. You always wondered how much of it was fake. Some people, they say they're sorry you got the wrong food, and you know they're lying. Other people, you believe they're really sorry. But Carl, he belonged in a third group. You wondered what was in it for him.

Melody Cheever: Did he work here long?

Jack Reynolds: What's long? My senior employee? She's been here seven months. I don't remember exactly how long Carl worked for me, but they all sort of blur together after a while.

Melody Cheever: Do you remember when he worked here?

Jack Reynolds: Maybe two years ago. One day he just stopped coming in.

Melody Cheever: You let him keep the shirt?

Jack Reynolds: Sure. He paid for it when he started working here. I can't afford to provide uniforms with the turnover rate in a place like this.

Melody Cheever: Is there anything else you remember about him?

Jack Reynolds: One thing, speaking of breakage. Sometimes, instead of throwing out a dog, he'd put it aside, cut it up in a fry boat. If someone in the drive-thru had a dog, Carl would offer a piece to the driver.

Melody Cheever: So he liked animals.

Jack Reynolds: No, I overheard him tell someone he thought it was funny. Feedings dogs to a dog.

Melody Cheever: I think we need to find out more about this Carl Asher character.

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