Sarah is no fan of Joey's, but is he really up to no good?

The Kudzu Kids wanted to find out more about Joey Sims, so Rachel talked to one of his co-workers, Sarah Fogarty.

Rachel McGowan: Good afternoon. My teacher assigned this project where I have to interview someone about their job. I've always been interested in hearing what a vet tech does, so can you help me out?

Sarah Fogarty: I'll just start my break a little early. Let me come around the counter, and we can talk in the waiting area.

Rachel McGowan: Great. Thanks so much.

Sarah Fogarty: It's my pleasure. So what exactly do you want to know?

Rachel McGowan: How long have you been working here?

Sarah Fogarty: At this clinic, four years this November.

Rachel McGowan: And do you enjoy the work?

Sarah Fogarty: Heck, yeah. It's the best job I've ever had.

Rachel McGowan: Did you have to do special training?

Sarah Fogarty: That's right, although some people game the system.

Rachel McGowan: What's that mean?

Sarah Fogarty: It's not important. What else would you like to hear about?

Rachel McGowan: Do you like the people you work with?

Sarah Fogarty: Absolutely. Nobody goes into the field that doesn't like animals. Maybe some of my coworkers aren't so good with people, but they all treat the animals well.

Rachel McGowan: This is a group project I'm doing, and some of the other members of my team aren't exactly pulling their weight.

Sarah Fogarty: At least here we're all on the same page. The animals come first.

Rachel McGowan: You don't even have one bad apple?

Sarah Fogarty: Not when it comes to the animals.

Rachel McGowan: That sounds like there's a 'but' on the tip of your tongue.

Sarah Fogarty: You know how I said some people game the system? Well, we've got one employee here who's always looking for an angle.

Rachel McGowan: What do you mean?

Sarah Fogarty: He's either trying to sneak in some time off with pay, or he's arranging things so he can get out of the unpleasant tasks.

Rachel McGowan: That's not fair.

Sarah Fogarty: Or he's "conferring with a client," but it's the same guy every time. One of his buddies. Has to be because no one brings their pet in here that often. The point is, it's always something with him.

Rachel McGowan: I know someone who brings her dog here. The person you're talking about, are his initials JS?

Sarah Fogarty: Look, I don't want to get anybody in trouble.

Rachel McGowan: You're not. You're helping me complete my assignment for school.

Sarah Fogarty: OK, then. Yes, those are his initials. Don't get me wrong, he's very good with the animals, but it's like a means to an end with him. I just don't trust he's sincere.

Rachel McGowan: Has he ever done anything that made you nervous?

Sarah Fogarty: No, nothing like that.

Rachel McGowan: Has he ever mistreated one of the animals?

Sarah Fogarty: He wouldn't still be here if he had. No, it's not that he's a bad vet tech. Don't repeat this, but I just think he's a bad person.

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