Feeling positive about the case they'd put together, the Kudzu Kids went to see Detective Armstrong of the YCSD (and Rachel's great uncle).

They wanted to give Detective Armstrong their evidence so he could make an arrest.

Rachel McGowan: Thanks for seeing us, Uncle Ted. I mean ... Detective Armstrong.

Detective Armstrong: Call me whatever you like. Just don't call me late for supper. So what are you kids up to?

Melody Cheever: We've uncovered a crime!

Detective Armstrong: You don't say.

Rachel McGowan: Seriously, Unc— Detective. Someone is stealing the dogs of Oxford.

Detective Armstrong: How'd you come to that conclusion, Rachel?

Rachel McGowan: It all started with Zina Jacinto.

Detective Armstrong: OK.

Zach Burgess: We were at her house helping out, and she mentioned a lot of dogs seemed to be missing.

Melody Cheever: You should see all the posters at the pet supply store. Look. We made copies.

Detective Armstrong: Melody, right?

Melody Cheever: Yes, sir. And this is Emma Wooten.

Emma Wooten: You can call me Emma.

Detective Armstrong: I'm pleased you meet you, Emma. I hope this is your first time at the sheriff's department.

Rachel McGowan: Uncle Ted, this is serious. We think dogs are being stolen!

Detective Armstrong: That's quite a leap.

Rachel McGowan: Zach, show him the picture.

Zach Burgess: We got this from someone's surveillance system.

Rachel McGowan: His name's Carl Asher. Look what he's doing. He's trying to steal that dog.

Detective Armstrong: How do you know his name?

Melody Cheever: I talked to his old boss at Hop-a-long Hotdogs. See his shirt? That's their logo.

Detective Armstrong: That's some impressive investigative work, but you kids really shouldn't be doing this on your own. This guy in the picture, he looks dangerous.

Emma Wooten: We can take care of ourselves.

Rachel McGowan: What Emma means is, of course, we didn't talk to him.

Zach Burgess: We don't want him to know he's a suspect yet.

Rachel McGowan: That's why we're bringing this to you.

Emma Wooten: Besides, we can't arrest him.

Detective Armstrong: I'm glad to hear you understand that. But what you're doing is dangerous. You kids might be strong and smart and brave, but you're not trained officers of the law.

Rachel McGowan: We're being very careful. We just wanted to collect enough information so you can take over.

Detective Armstrong: I'll look into it, certainly, but you haven't given me any evidence that a crime has occurred.

Emma Wooten: Did you not see the picture?

Detective Armstrong: He's scary-looking, Emma. I'll grant you that. You should trust your instincts and stay away from him.

Zach Burgess: But?

Detective Armstrong: But all he's doing is — maybe — offering a dog a treat. You can't even see a dog in this picture. Is a dog missing from this house?

Rachel McGowan: No, but you can see he’s trying to lure the dog away.

Detective Armstrong: Maybe. Or maybe he just wants to pet the dog. Or maybe what he's doing has nothing to do with a dog. We can't tell from this photo.

Emma Wooten: Oh, come on!

Detective Armstrong: I understand how frustrating it can be. Believe me. But I'm afraid you don't have enough to prove that a crime has occurred.

Melody Cheever: What else do we need?

Detective Armstrong: If you think these dogs are being stolen, you need some proof that that's what's happening and the dogs aren't just running away.

Zach Burgess: But what about Carl Asher?

Detective Armstrong: You'd have to find something that definitively links him to the missing dogs. But — and this is the most important thing I'll tell you today. Are all of you listening?

Zach Burgess: Yes.

Melody Cheever: Yes.

Rachel McGowan: Yes.

Emma Wooten: Yes.

Detective Armstrong: Do not confront him. Do not put yourselves in a situation where you're alone with him. He's trouble, and you need to stay away from him.

Rachel McGowan: We promise. Thanks, Uncle Ted.

Detective Armstrong: Be safe out there kids.

Rachel McGowan: I told you bringing this to Uncle Ted was the right thing to do.

Emma Wooten: So how do we find out more about this Carl guy?

Rachel McGowan: How about if— Wait a sec.

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