Mr. Sampson manages the pet supply store where all the missing dog flyers were posted

Kudzu Kids Rachel and Zach went to the Yoknapatawpha Pet Supply store to find out what the manager knows about all the missing dog flyers that have been posted there lately.

Rachel McGowan: Hi. Are you the manager here?

Chuck Sampson: I am, and how can I help you?

Rachel McGowan: We noticed there's a bunch of missing animal posters.

Chuck Sampson: Yes, we allow owners to put up a poster if their pets are lost.

Zach Burgess: It seems like a lot.

Chuck Sampson: It does, doesn't it? Usually it's the cats that get out, but lately, there seems to be an uptick in the number of dogs that have gone missing. Maybe it's the weather.

Rachel McGowan: You said the owners put up the posters?

Chuck Sampson: Sometimes they run them by me, or whoever is working that day, but sometimes they owners just post them. Really, the faster we get the word out there, the sooner the owners will be reunited with their pets.

Rachel McGowan: Does anyone track the posters?

Chuck Sampson: Well, once I notice a new poster, I ask the owners if there's been any news. But that's only if I know them and they still come in.

Zach Burgess: So those posters could have been up there for years.

Chuck Sampson: Most have them include "last seen" dates, and if enough time goes by … well …..

Rachel McGowan: Do you help people find their lost pets?

Chuck Sampson: That would be the animal control officer, Riley Scott. She helps people get their pets back.

Zach: My friend Gary lost a tortoise outside, and he never saw Sparky again.

Chuck Sampson: You'd be surprised how fast a tortoise can move.

Rachel McGowan: Do you think the animal control officer would be interested in our help finding some of the lost dogs?

Chuck Sampson: I don't see why not. Keep your eyes open, and report any animals you see without their owner present.

Rachel McGowan: Thank you.

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