Tony knows who his true ally is in the home

Excerpt: "Even the optimistic and tail-wagging Tony recognizes an enemy in…"


Franklin has always struggled to find his place in the world

Excerpt: "[Franklin's] wife, Cindy, recently left him after thirty years of marriage because…"


George never planned to be a pet owner

Excerpt: "He was reeling […], but he had to take action, so he…"


Champ loves to play and spend time with his human, Franklin

Excerpt: "[Champ] has a bounce in his step and an eagerness to share his…"


Bolt has been miserable ever since he abruptly moved from Boston to Oxford

Excerpt: "At first, he whimpered and whined incessantly, but Bolt won Linda’s heart when…"


As a young newlywed, Andy suddenly found himself a wealthy man

Excerpt: "Andy wasn't happy about her decision but decided to…"


Kiki fell in love with Oxford as a teen and has lived there ever since

Excerpt: "While visiting Ivy League universities with her parents, Kiki discovered that her father was losing his…"


Charlene has always been driven and independent

Excerpt: "[Charlene] would remain independent, whatever happened."


Lawrence has always been uncomfortable with his family's wealth

Excerpt: "[His parents] wanted to travel the world unencumbered, so Lawrence Jr. was…"


After a rough start, Butch found his furever home

Excerpt: "Butch sensed that this time would be…"


When Taz joined the Wilson family, he became the happy dog he was meant to be

Excerpt: "Due to neglect and lack of training, as well as his natural hyperactivity, Taz was…"


Joey has plans to leave Oxford for California as soon as he can afford it

Excerpt: "All [Joey] has to do to make his California dream a reality is…"


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